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1,600 DUBstep Sounds – Wobbles, Wubs, Voxes, Drums +++

*Premium – 1,600 Sample Library

  • Format: 44.1 | stereo | 16 & 24bit | .wav (these demo’s combine our ‘Rasta Voxes’ kits as well as our ‘risers/falls’ kits to showcase semi-completeĀ tracks)

    Made using today most popular synths, and hardest punching drum mastering process. This gives YOU a slamming final product when you build out your beats & songs.

    Over 1,185 wobbles/growls/dub
    Over 325 drumshots
    Over 100 Voxes & Vocals
    Over 3 years in dev. – 159 folders
    No loops – ALL hot samples!

We’ve separated 1,600 wobbles, drums, and voxes (though mostly wobbles) from our ‘4,600 Platinum Producer Pack‘ into a signature DUB series.

Wicked samples, lot’s of POWER drums (oh those snares!!) wubs, womps, bass drops, climbers, lil’ yaya’s, modern talking, screams, risers, lows, some pads, some single shots, lot’s of variation in these and most of the longer samples are mastered at 140bpm for traditional dubstep / trap / edm integration right away.

It’s a great set for any level producer and will be an amazing addition to your existing portfolio of samples. Check out the folders below.



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