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4,600 Sounds – Platinum Urban Producer Pack

*Premium – 4,600 Sample Library

 If YOU have been searching for an OUT OF THIS WORLD URBAN sample library – you’ve hit the jackpot! These have been in dev for over 3 years, all have been mastered with precision, everything goes by an easy to follow naming convention, it’s just bananas.

You get our library, some of the dubturbo & wobbleboss sounds, and additionally you get tons of sounds NOT being sold ANYWHERE yet. Custom, mostly aimed at urban & dubstep, but with this many samples, have fun creating ANYTHING!

  • Format: 44.1 | stereo | 16 & 24bit | .wav

    All custom made, you won’t find these anywhere, and they are all mastered beautifully for that boom boom pow finish.

    Comes in easy to browse well categorized folders for easy implementing into your gear right away.

    Over 1,185 wobbles/growls/dub
    Over 1,800 drumshots (every genre)
    Over 800 Voxes & Vocals
    Over 820 C note key sounds to span
    Over 3 years in dev. – 443 folders
    Bonus 200 wobbleBoss samples incl.
    No loops – 4,600+ hot samples!

Usually when you see a library for sale that has this many samples
you immediately dismiss it as being a bunch of s#!tty stuff compiled from around the web – not worth your download time… .

.. . .. THIS collection though – has been worked on for over 3 (and is still ongoing today) years and is used in some of todays hottest software on the market, plus comes with stuff not released yet, stuff from our sound pool, stuff from our studio that was experimental, stuff that we probably shouldn’t be releasing.

At the end of the day though what good is our library if people aren’t using it – so here you go – you won’t be going hungry for samples anytime soon and you won’t be cursing the producers that made these either.

Enjoy our laziness, or lack of wanting to build out our ‘store’ and inventory properly with these as small packs vs one huge one.. for now we encourage you guys to tell every producer you know about this – it’s probably not going to be up forever either I don’t want to dilute these…. . . Enjoy the folder digging 🙂



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