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Welcome to MasterProducers – 2016 Edition


As you can see, we’re totally overhauling the site – you can start ordering now however we’ll be populating the database with fresh content and some of our signature stuff over the next few months (and then continue on a slower drip). The new site now features:

  • Full shopping cart, no more single purchases, add what you want in one go.
  • Live continuous play of audio throughout the site as you navigate.
  • Easy guest enabled checkout (don’t need to signup/easy 3 field checkout).
  • PayPal and CC enabled.

We’re also going to be populating the site with new types of content including broadcast ready stemmed out full beats/music/compositions/stings/cinematic stuff/etc. This will also be complimented by project files, tutorials, producer tips, and eventually turn into a great central hub for top level producers. We’re starting light and the more support we get the faster we’ll develop all our branches.

Thanks for your interest and best of luck with your music production moves this year!

The MP Team.